Residential Phototvoltaic System Installations

A residential Installation in Arvada is Pictured

Residential photovoltaic and wind turbine system installations are available from 1,000 Watts (enough power for 2 refrigerators or 10 "old fashioned" 100 watt light bulbs) up to 10,000 Watts (enough to easily power an entire household, including air conditioning).

Systems are typically, but not necessarily, grid-intertied, allowing the home owner to sell power back to his or her power company (see net metering page).

Systems which are not grid-intertied require significant battery banks to store power (typically 10 to 30 bus battery sized batteries, depending on system size). Back-up generators are available as an option.

Complete Energy Solutions LLC can design and install either type of system, to meet our customer's specific needs.

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