Power Converter

Backup Power Systems

We offer backup power systems to fit the needs of any customer:

Commercial Manufacturing

We can now offer main power backup systems that can handle 1MW or more of commercial power. Three phase power systems are available at 208 or 480V with reserve capacity to start even large motor loads. How much production did you lose during your last power outage?

Data Center Customers

Data Centers, large or small require very specific UPS systems - we work with all major UPS manufacturers, and have the experience to ensure full transition to generator power occurs with zero power-created down time.

IBC Required Emergency and Standby Power Systems

Chapter 27 of International Building Code requires certain systems to have emergency and or standby power. Normally these needs are met with UL2200 listed generators, which may or may not be the most cost effective solution. The long term cost of ownership and maintenance of a generator set can be significant. A battery inverter system can often significantly reduce the size and cost of a required Emergency/Standby Generator, with a corresponding significant reduction in long term ownership costs

We'll be happy to help design the most cost effective solution for your facility.

Residential and Small Commercial Systems

High quality residentail/small commercial backup power systems are available, in single-phase(120V), split-phase(120/240V) and three-phase(208V)configurations. These systems can be sized to meet the very specific needs of each customer.